Sunday, April 29, 2007

Adding Injury To Insult

I received some amazing comments on my original post.

I am still getting them and reading each. It has been an amazing help.

On Exercise:

One recurring theme people have mentioned as relief for anxiety/depression is physical exercise.

I fully agree this is important. I walk a LOT right now. It's mostly out of nerves, but I think it has kept me very active. An average day I will walk perhaps 3-5 miles.. somewhat at a brisk pace. Often my nights are spent walking around the city at a fast pace to wear myself down. Especially from sundown until about 1:00 AM. I am actually the most fit I have been in many years.. though I smoke like an absolute fiend lately.

My other form of exercise is skateboarding. I grew up as a skater. It is one of the only things in life that brought me actual happiness. Something about the feel of rolling, learning tricks, style, all. it is also very good exercise... A mix of nearly every muscle and hard cardio.

Well I am 32 now and took many years off. I'm not quite the punk skater I once was (though at heart I never lost a beat). Little heavier.. little slower.. less flexible... but apparently just as fearless.

Last Sunday I was very anxious and the weather was nice. I grabbed my board and hit my new regular spot. I went at an incline on a footbridge really fast and caught a wheel on the edge of a curb. Fell forward onto my knees and hands. A trip to the emergency room.. road rash and rocks stuck in mt hands.. broken left thumb (my typing is a bit slow).. and scraped knee.

So I made a valiant effort at using exercise, but I am out of commission for a few weeks. Living alone and being bandaged ain't a fun time.

I thought you were supposed to add insult to injury? Guess i got it backwards.. added injury to insult.

"The perversity of the universe tends towards a maximum"


Anonymous said...

You probably aren't looking for recommendations for meds but in case you are, what you wrote about exercise reminded me of what I went through a few years back so I thought I'd suggest a med for you. Remember I think that meds are a temp solution...but I remember how desperate I was for at least some relief.

Ask your dr (if you have one) about Risperdal (Risperidone). It's an amazing drug. Again, only if you're open to med recommendations :)

I'm sure there will be people who object to my recommending meds so be sure to talk with your dr because it might not be for you.

Best of luck and sorry to hear about the accident.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you've made at least a bit of a recovery. Keep going with the skateboarding. :-D

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

The best help for anxiety disorders is often self-help. Many people with anxiety disorders benefit from joining a self-help group and sharing their problems and achievements with others. No harm trying it, as there is nothing to be lost.

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